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U.S.- Mexico Law

As the economic relationship between the United States and Mexico has continued to grow and mature, these two countries' economies have become increasingly integrated. Nowhere is this more evident than in the number of companies operating on both sides of the border and in the increased economic cooperation between companies and entrepreneurs of both countries. This cooperation may take many forms, from simply investing in previously existing companies, to forming new joint ventures, to merging with or acquiring a target company on the other side of the border.


Doing Business in Mexico, although it can be highly profitable if managed properly, is usually complex. While many of the economic and legal fundamentals inherent in legal transactions remain the same whether the transaction is domestic or international in nature, cross-border legal matters between Mexico and the United States can bring about differences in the substantive law of the other jurisdiction, as well as in its procedure, its language, its culture and the legal environment in which its attorneys practice. 


The Hutton Firm offers its clients unique assistance in legal matters they might need in Mexico. Our U.S.-Mexico Legal Practice Group is focused on assisting our clients get their transactions, projects, and other business objectives completed efficiently and economically by helping them navigate through the Mexican legal and regulatory landscape. 


We have an in-house Mexican attorney who will assume responsibility for the process and remain directly accountable to our clients to provide them with the timely completion of their objectives. This is complemented by an extensive network of well-established and selected Mexican Attorneys located throughout Mexico. Our legal practice group possess the know-how and the know-who that will allow our clients to successfully achieve their legal goals in Mexico.


Our practice areas include litigation, real estate, corporate, business, franchising and licensing, export and import controls, cross-border investment, cross-border debt collections, tax, environmental, employment law, patents and trademarks, and other niches.


If you desire to learn more, please contact Lee Hutton, or Diana Hutton.

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