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Business Litigation

Business Litigation disputes arise out of commercial and business relationships, including an establishment’s claims against another company, governmental entity, or groups of individuals. These issues are usually complex, rendering an attorney’s understanding of the client’s business a predictable indicator of the outcome of the litigation.  Indeed, lawsuits are public record, creating potential public relations issues for companies. A company’s reputation is its most important asset: lawsuits can damage reputations and cause financial damage by decreasing sales and increasing expenses. Effectively handling a dispute from its inception is critical to a company’s bottom line.  As such, you need a firm that understands not only the courtroom, but the crisis management surrounding high profile cases.


Business disputes can include, among other things, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, regulatory investigations, trade secret disputes, insurance disputes, post-closing disputes, and partnership disputes.  The Hutton Firm can assist you with any business litigation dispute that may arise. 


If you need experienced attorneys to assist you, please contact Lee Hutton or Jason Juran.

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