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Civil Rights Litigation

Civil rights litigation has been essential in changing the landscape of social interaction in this country. The injunctions entered in civil rights cases have transformed a huge number of governmental institutions such as schools, prisons, mental health facilities, housing authorities, police departments, child welfare agencies, etc. Injunctive cases have resulted in the closing of some institutions and opened the doors to others.  Further, these cases have dominated budget policies, become models for statutory interventions and generally regulated practices. Thousands of such cases have been filed over the past fifty years and new cases are filed all the time; hundreds of cases, old and new, are ongoing and remain influential.  


The Hutton Firm, PLLC’s experience with civil rights litigation includes constitutional cases in the area of free speech, freedom of religion, and protection of the individual’s right to choose who controls the direction of your life.   


If you have questions how The Hutton Firm can assist you, please contact Lee Hutton or Jason Juran.

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