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A trial litigation, business, and entertainment law firm empowered by powerful, efficient and diverse team of lawyers with a winning record serving clients nationally and internationally.

The law firm was founded in 2021 by renowned attorney Lee A. Hutton III who left a big law firm to put together a select group of professionals who would help him create an elite boutique law firm with specialized and personalized attention to the client’s needs.  Sincerity and compassion for our clients are at the core of The Hutton Firm’s practice. We believe that “caring is preparing,” a philosophy all of our attorneys bring to their role as counselors. The Hutton Firm’s commitment to those we serve is clear in our defense strategies and our ability to absorb the energy around us, which allows our attorneys to quickly determine the best way to maximize leverage. The Hutton Firm is committed to providing a holistic approach to representing clients to maximize consistency, reliability, and efficiency.


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The Hutton Firm is dedicated to creating problem solving strategies that enhance your litigation or company’s position.  We pride ourselves on a team approach to attacking your legal needs.  Our attorneys have been recognized by media outlets as experts in various legal fields including litigation, civil rights, and entertainment.  Our Founder & Managing Partner has also been recognized as Attorney of the Year, Super Lawyer, and the majority of our attorneys have won other awards resulting from their legal representation.  At The Hutton Firm we take pride in our firm that we are dedicated to the notion that no case is too small or too big for our group of attorneys.


At The Hutton Firm we don’t believe in compromising on quality of advice or service. To deliver our work to the standards our clients expect, we have removed unnecessary bureaucracy and overheads. The result is lawyers that are prepared to handle our clients’ highest-stakes matters, while providing greater personal attention, a focus on efficiency, and fewer conflicts of interest.

We know how to skillfully prepare a comprehensive strategy that will allow us to address all aspects of a case and to balance clients’ complex interests. Whether is a start-up, a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, our team of innovative and skilled lawyers prides itself on guiding businesses and professionals through complex and often daunting legal challenges.

We are invested in our clients, in the law and in our community. We focus on what we do best: provide “big-law firm” quality work in a streamlined boutique setting. We value long-lasting relationships and continually evolve our services to meet our clients’ needs.


We are diligent and determined because we care. Our agile, insightful and ambitious team works closely with each and every client to meet their needs and exceed all expectations. We offer seamless legal representation as the needs of our clients evolve. We meet every challenge with prompt and efficient response times and the fiercest advocacy for those that we protect. 

Other firms have cases. We have clients. Regardless of the practice area, The Hutton Firm provides our clients with the flexibility and efficiency that only a boutique firm can offer.

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